QA Engineer

Key Responsibilities:

  • Creates tests to find any problems with the software before the product is launched.
  • Identify and analyze any bugs found during testing and document them.
  • Must pay very close attention to detail and coach their team on managing testing tools, reporting results, and motivating process improvement.
  • The QA Engineer’s responsibilities are derived from the following principles:
    • Focus on quality improvement.
    • Assure a suitable practice for the software development.
    • Black box testing or white box testing.
    • Constant monitoring.
    • Include Risk Management with the Quality Affirmation.
    • Minimize the cost of maintenance.
    • Formulate the requirements.
    • Reporting of Test Results and Project Status.

Key Qualifications and Skills:

  • Must have a technical background with at least 5 years of work experience in one or more IT areas including but not limited to:
    • IT architecture, infrastructure, and cloud engineering.
    • Engineering and software architecture design.
    • Quality Assurance engineering.
    • Business analysis.
    • DevOps.
    • Project and product management.
    • Appium (Mobile and Web Automation).
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Deep analytical skills.
  • Project and resource management skills.
  • Work collaboratively.
  • Influence and Negotiate.

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