WEAVE offers a range of services to cover the breath of information technology and operational requirements of clients.

production support

WEAVE manages the support of our clients’ operations from first, second and third-level in resolving user problems and queries.

We ensure that production systems are operationally sound and support our clients’ users who may be located in different branches across the globe.

WEAVE also provides the software development expertise to revise program codes essential in resolving bugs or introduce functional and performance enhancements needed.

application software development

WEAVE uses proven methodologies in application development, maintenance and support.

WEAVE further applies agile methodologies and disciplines to software development projects and maintenance of already existing software. Intergal part of these are, Software development that covers ideation and conceptualization, elaboration, construction and deployment.

Software maintenance involves problem reporting and resolution, enhancement request prioritization, revision deployment and change management which can be applied and customized to clients’ applications and special requirements.

These services include activities such as version upgrades, software migration and technical and user documentation update and management.


DevOps is a cohesive collaboration between development and operations to automate the software delivery process.

WEAVE purposefully builds a Continuous Delivery pipeline for our clients that covers continuous integration, version control, artifact repository, test and release automation and infrastructure configuration. This results in faster market time releases, lower failure rate and considerable increased savings on operational costs.

database administration

WEAVE provides DBA services covering regular database preventive maintenance checks,  performance optimization and backup and recovery.   The DBA service also provides for quick resolution of problems and advice on sensible database design and maintenance.

software testing

WEAVE provides managed testing services to meet our clients’ software testing requirements.  WEAVE performs the various testing functions from creation of test scripts to the execution of different types of tests such as functional, integration, performance, regression and acceptance testing.  An outsourced testing team can provide independent assessment while allowing our clients to concentrate on their core development activities.

staff augmentation and consulting

WEAVE provides qualified personnel to augment our clients’ staffing requirements remotely or at the clients’ sites of to provide specific high-level expertise so that they become consultants with our clients.  The expertise of the personnel covers software development – analysis, architecture, development as well as various facets of operations and database administration.